The carrier thats home

hello and welcome
my name is astevon i have an idea for a new module for the super carriers of new eden .
starting off the the current respawn module is great but i think it needs a tweak in its function
namely instead of being a mobile respawn point what if it turned the super carrier into a mobile structure removing its fighter usage in exchange it gains the ability to function like a structure allowing pilots to dock refit and use the pos equivalent of staition modules in built into the module it self giving the carrier two roles it can preform.

  1. docking with the super carrier is possible to all bar titans and other super carriers.
    2.insted of a unlimited space for storage theres limited storage space making rationing space critical.
  2. while the module is fitted no fighters can be used but the trade off being it can now respawn subcaps and act as a mobile operations base.
    4.only 5caps can be docked with the super carrier.
    5.each faction has unique bonuses like for example the wyvern has increased capacity the nyx having aoe buff that increases resistances by 5% and damage by 10% to all allied subcaps within the aoe buff range the hel having increased jump range and fuel efficiency the aeon having increased shield regen and armor hp ect.
    thank you for readung have a great day and thank you
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what did i do

Meaning no disrespect, you clearly don’t have a clue about:

  • The practical use of capital ships
  • How groups of different scales operate with regards to infrastructure and logistics
  • The concept of opportunity cost

As well meaning as they are, your ideas are a pure fantasy that bear no resemblance to the reality of New Eden.

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i do have experience with supers and caps but they are wildly under used there so much more they could do like being a mobile base they can bring sub cap fleets potential out enableing jump drive like abilitys to a fleet and providing a mobile base of operaitions

Fitting a carrier like you just started the game, gating it through one of the most dangerous parts of lowsec and getting euthanized isn’t the kind of practical experience you need to make balance decisions on their use.

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I dunno, the Armor Repairer and shield hardeners were a nice touch

1 nid out of the 6 i own i was in the process of moving to a safer part or low so i could fit it as it was brought in a rather hot area so pleaae dont hold that against me

i am solo after all

Not only am I a solo player who has 6 carriers but I don’t even have a cyno alt. Trust me I understand this game and know what I’m doing

welp since im clearly not going to be able to get a possible idea out with out it getting shot to shreds rather than people actually providing constructive feedback and/or improvement time to delete my threads

I’m confused by your post, are you trying to suggest a change in the game mechanics? Or are you trying to get out of a tricky situation.

I highly recommend you not try to do both within the same post.

I’ve had very positive feedback here on the forums when I say, “I may have done something foolish, is there any way that I can fix my issue?” However, posts from people suggesting changes to gameplay tend to be met with a very high level of criticism.

The only real use for this I see is dropping a single nyx into structure mode so your fleet can get a major bonus to resist/damage, assuming the bonus doesn’t stack, which it definitely shouldn’t. Everything else is just weird and makes no sense as to why I would want it.

It’s like someone asking people not to hold the fact they have no medical education or license against them when they say that drinking bleach cures cancer.

if you think of the smaller groups this would act as an enabler rather than a be all end all as its an idea it is prone to change best not to stick somthing in thats half baked 1 super carrier out of a small team giving up its fighting ability to provide a staition or a rest stop or even acting as a sudo titan jump gate rather than jumping massive amount of sub caps it can only take what it can dock

I really like the idea of turning a ship into a structure with some bonuses structures have like more HP, but blocking them from using offensive weapons, basically turning them into mobile bases for short operations with refitting, clone bays, repair and public hangar abilities, certain time it would take to change them from one to another.

Obviously there would be a limitation to what ships can dock in it while it is station. Something bigger than cruiser seems too big.

What would make it or break it is what it can do and cant do while being a structure, and how much time it would take to switch modes.

Why… it can already dock BBs

Amazing how it’s the people who seem to have spent little too no time with supers that think this is a good idea.

Even Orca can hold assembled Battlecruisers that seem too big for it. Who knows what CCP was thinking.

That could be part of revision of the current state, those new modes for carrier, maybe even orca. With other ships being also touched.

Or they could just go back to the original idea for carriers allowing players to actually doc in them not just store ships. And ignore this half backed gimmick of an idea.

think of it this way the power of this module allows a fleet or a small group who might not have access to large amount of infrastructure say like a nomadic group or even large factions for ie covert ops or small hit and run tactics even sabotage tactics to be able to last under minimal supply but of course the super carrier being able to used as a mobile base or in larger groups a foward operations base gives both utility and function to ships that other wise have next to none aside from blowing up ships from mid to long range of course being a ship it doesn’t have the ability to reinforce or be invincible like true structures but it trades that for the ability to move