An old road that calls

dear csm and all those who visit
i would first like to say thank you for coming to look at my idea for a new set of faction ships
now onto the idea
id like to propose a faction dedicated to the nomads of new eden
first ill outline what ships sizes will most likely be best suited for the faction in my opinion

  1. corvette
    a small and nimble ship made to serve the role of the early bird something cheap and provides a means to learn the nomadic play style with out the the main hall mark of the faction
  2. cruiser
    a step up from a corvette but still with similar capability’s to it
  3. orca
    (will be named something else) this is where the nomadic play style starts to come into its own a ship fully capable of fending for it self in every way how ever its limited hold space would be its main draw back
    the second largest ship in the faction measuring 12km in length its a ship built to survive long voyages un aided
    5.super carrier
    this will be the largest ship in the faction measuring 16km in length embodying all a nomad stands for thier freedom and hard work culminating in thier ship also makes a rather juicy target if you can kill it being able to haul two unpacked titans in its holds at the same time it works well for a large freighter as well but its draw back is its expensive and can not dock any where once built
    with exception to npc stations in high namely market hubs i.e jita 4.4
    onto what makes these ships unique all of the faction shares two common traits first is a fixed module that cannot be removed at all a covert ops cloak but instead of preventing lock and module use while active it trades double capacitor use per cycle for being able to use and should a module have been activated they cannot warp for the next 5 minutes after the last cycle preventing thier cloak from being a be all end all
    the last universally shared feature of the faction is a stat that doubles capacitor use per cycle the larger your fleet or corp is prioritizing witch is higher while punishing this stat is to both ensure that a fleet of nomad ships aren’t over powering or a doctrine based around the nomad faction isn’t the best solution to all problems but still enables smaller corps to utilize the ships as well as solo players being able to bring out the ships full potential and larger corps can still use them as haulers or even supporting craft please note the capacitor multiplier only applies to the high slots
    onto the parts that make the nomad faction truly something fit for a solo player or a small group
    the three largest ships in the faction the orca(variant pending) the titan and the super carrier
    all share two additional features that set them apart from a semi nomadic play style and puts them firmly into the fully nomadic playstyle of ship a ship you could live in if you would
    the first feature of the fully nomadic ships is similar to a tac destroyer but with a twist as the ships shift modes there are a set of high slots for each mode changing the ship fundamentally but the mode switching takes time providing an opening should the nomad be careless being able to switch between three modes the first mode is combat oriented in this mode the covert ops cloak can be used as well as its high slot set can only fit combat oriented modules while powerful a smart opponent can exploite this mode by disrupting the cloak exposing the ship and allowing them to target the ship
    the second mode is utility this mode high slot set is dedicated to mining being the only ships other than barges and exhumers to be able to fit strip miners up to 4 on the super carrier how ever they do not have stats that amplify the effects of a strip miner making barges an exhumers a more viable option in a fleet but the nomad ships are able to fight and have more then enough tank to hold thier own in more hostile mining environments the last feature of the utility mode is compression same as a rorqual but with one notable difference the nomad ships due to thier nature can not mass compress instead they have a compression bay with a limited size being able to only compress what in there once every 10 seconds and the compression bay is not very large while the cloak can be use in utility it cant be used during mining operations and must shut off to conserve power when mining
    the last mode station
    this mode is where the magic happens the ship morphs into a sudo station and anchors like one taking 10 minutes to complete its transformation and another 10 to power up once powered up the ship projects a large shield the same as a pos around the ship this is its personal defense this cost fuel blocks to run the high slots for the station mode specialize in healing and refining and manufacture tho for the manufacturing and refining process fuel blocks must be used during this mode the cloak cant be used at all and all manufacturing must be canceled or finished before being able to switch into a mobile state once more
    the second feature is a jump drive but not as normal instead of requiring a cyno it jumps to a random point in system how ever it will still function as normal with a regular cyno and the catch if a cyno is light in target system the nomads ship can be pulled to the cyno and land any where within 200km of said cyno temporally disabled warp and jump ability the jump can take any fuel used in other drives but it cost nearly 4x the fuel to use per jump
    the hall mark of a nomad ship isnt fire power or strong tank its versatility a nomad strives to free and i feel this faction embodies that
    as for lore
    a young capsulier rummaging through discarded trash pos shield projectors every where and a wreak of an orca over time he builds a ship that is able to fully support it self and over the years he slowly improves the design before showing the world as he shows off his new ship he flys to close to the eve gate and his ship is ripped apart molten slag sent to sail amongst the void for eternity but he never gave up he learned
    thank you for spending you time reading i really hope you enjoyed i really hope something like this is added as i feel its something that is vastly missing from eve seeing a nomadic player is supper rare honestly at times its feels like the road is empty but any way have a good day and have fun again thank you

Well, I like your positive attitude. :slight_smile:

You might get some negative comments, but don’t let them get you down.

Later bro

not a problem feel free to post your ideas if you have any improvments
you feel might be worth while

uhh… titans are bigger than super carriers, just sayn


Normaly yes

We already have a nomad faction, the Thukker, but CCP haven’t done much with them.

On your actual proposal:

  • That much text without punctuation should be classified as a human rights abuse.
  • I don’t think you’ve really thought through the balance implications of these ships, there’s always eve players a lot more intelligent and devious than you
  • You don’t take in to account what orcas, titans and supers actually do currently in your suggestion.
  • I don’t think you’ve really thought through the use-cases of these ships

Eve is best treated like an ecosystem, and it can help to look at our own ecosystems when trying to think about eve. Nomads IRL are not rich, they carry very little more than what is necessary to survive. Nomads in eve are similar, because space and characters are at a premium and they don’t want to make waves.

Hostile supercaptials will make waves, and people will chase you to the ends of the earth to kill you. People will cloaky camp you in station mode, even with the mobile observatories.

Supercapitals that can cyno to a random spot in system then covert ops cloak is bonkers.

Jump freighters are already harmful enough for eve’s ecosystem, we don’t need bigger ones. Your limitations are easy to work around.

You say “nomad ships are able to fight and have more then enough tank to hold thier own in more hostile mining environments”, but a hostile mining environment in today’s eve is 50-150 stealth bombers/kikimoras appearing out of nowhere. Rorquals already have a literal invincibility button and they’re considered too risky in most areas.

Understandible the main hall mark of the nomad faction would be its versitility as a rough idea i still think they are wise as i dont want the ships to be over bearing but rather fill a nitch allowing some one to be able to thrive completly un aided but it comes with risks

Sorry for punctuaition im horrible when it comes to it

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Me too, it’s the internet’s fault.

Also I like your idea a lot, I would use different ships though.

Frigates: yes. These are obvious. Very useful for all sorts of stuff.
Destroyers: great for salvage and defence.
Cruisers: maybe, these to me are for waging war mostly, nomads seem more likely to get into fights with hit and run tactics with lots of smaller ships.
Orca: yes, great for bringing other ships with you and all the stuff they need.
Haulers: gotta have some way of bringing stuff to market. Since these are nomads they should be a bit tricked out in some way other haulers aren’t.
Mining barges, yes, non-specialized, somewhat slower to collet whatever is being mined but tough and more versatile than other barges. Maybe more tank and combat (for defence) oriented.
Anything larger should be huge, very slow, but capable of having other ships dock, store stuff and refit. I don’t know what to call that other than a Mother Ship.

Thats what im trying to avoid in all but the larger super caps as it would choke things but it provide a nitch not filled for larger groups a mobile base

As well barges for a nomad ill be blunt your better off bringing â– â– â– â–  on a stick than a barge as a nomad

Not to put the idea down tho a high sec nomad can get alot of use out of a barge for sure but its definitly not suited to the role of nomadic ship

I think of nomads as people who travel from place to place doing the things that those places have to offer and that would include mining in the case of Eve. They could do it in Ventures maybe, but barges, one of them anyway (I forget the name, the tanky one) seem to make sense.

The proc

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Thanks, I always forget that

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