Minor Faction Ships

If CCP ever desire to make new lines of t1 ships, I suggest they use these factions to bring them to New Eden. Because they are not the main empires, ship design can be more creative and focused in the same manner the Sister’s ships are. In other words, we wont need 4 faction versions to preserve balance.

Khanid Kingdom, - Historically Khanid ships have focused on close range missiles (rockets, heavy assault missiles) and increased armor resistances. However, with the Khanid’s becoming more friendly with the Caldari over the past decades, there’s room in the lore here for a line of fast brawlers with shield resistances focusing on high EM / Thermal resistance. (Basically the Minmater t2 shield resistance profile.)

Thukker Tribe,

After the Minmatar Rebellion the Thukkers left Minmatar space and took up the nomadic lifestyles of their ancestors, only this time in space.

Thukker ships would be clearly Minmatar in design concept, but there’s room here for a full set of new hull assets. They’re nomads, so ship bonuses should be beneficial for people who live in wormholes. Large cargo holds, the ability to refit the ship on the fly, and perhaps some bonuses in relation to exploration (though we probably need to be careful not to step on the toes of the sister’s ships here.)

Intaki Syndicate, - The syndicate appears to be a haven for black market activity though they also have a ruthless police force to enforce order. There’s room here for a line of structures related to criminal activity, drug production, and potentially some law enforcement thuggery.

People docking at an Intaki station might have access to a separate (black) market interface that would allow the sale of any item, including those normally only found in contracts.

Mordu’s Legion, - Already Have a Ship Line

Ammatar Mantate. -

Consisting mainly of former Imperial Navy service vessels handed down to the mandate after being decommissioned from the empire… What it does lack on these fronts, however, it makes up for in pure striking power. The fleet consists mainly of attack battleships and heavy assault cruisers …

Faction ships would probably be mostly of Ammarian design with a hint of Minmatar design philosophy. As resources are scarce, the Ammater would have to rely on creatively jury rigging solutions into their ships for various mission types. (Visually these would be the old geometry for Amarr hulls before any graphic rework was done on them, with the new Minmatar extensions for rigs.)

Unique faction bonuses would center around laser damage bonuses and rigs. Faction ships would receive the ability to remove rigs without destroying them (just like t3 ships) and receive a larger calibration pool.
These are merely some ideas to add a bit more flavor to the universe. Whatever the actual ship stats might end up being, the minor factions are certainly a great place to draw inspiration from.

Scarilege, Curse, Damnation, Malediction

Vagabond, Scalpel

Just to name few on top of my head. I won’t even comment on idea itself if you don’t even know basics of ships we already have.

I’m aware of them. My favorite ship is actually the Malediction. While they do take lore inspiration from their perspective minor factions, they’re not technically faction ships, they’re t2.

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