The carrier thats home

Yes, that would be nice, would also actually make the structure phase of the ship not really needed. I suppose their code didnt allow for such tricks, and still doesnt allow.

true it wont be an easy one but its still a viable option for a super to take i could even see titans doing this but still keeping their dooms day available of course the catch being if your base is caught it cant really fight back while difficult to catch if caught its easyer to bring it down than a super would be normaly

an idea allways starts half baked its working through it and finding what works that gives it the spark

Drop a small POS or an astrahus like a sensible human being instead of putting a supercapital on grid that costs dozens of billions of isk.

The risk reward ratio is awful for everyone who isn’t willing to drop supers at a moment’s notice - i.e everyone except the nullblocs and snuff.

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null blocks allways have giant fleets of supers im trying to give the little guy a fighting chance for some one to be able to stand alone and thrive name one person who completly solo aquired a fully fitted leviathan with all the bells and whistles

Here’s a video that starts off with some solo PVP in a ragnarok.

The “little guy” doesn’t put supers on grid without fitting as many inertial stabilizers and hyperspatial rigs as possible to make it as maneuverable as possible. Any major asset that tackles itself is completely counter to the concept of guerilla warfare. Supers are not expendable assets for them.

When the super transfers into “structure mode”, how does it behave with regards to taking and repairing damage?

  • Can it receive remote reps from a FAX?
  • Can it local rep?
  • Does it have a DPS cap like normal structures?

I can’t think of a single combination to these yes/no questions that doesn’t completely break supercapital bloc warfare and the capital escalation chain without also making the mode a useless deathwish.

Your concept of solo / small group play is completely anathema to the people who do it successfully. Since Eve is a multiplayer sandbox and not your internal fantasy monologue, you should first adapt yourself to the game, not the other way around.

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It didn’t but it now does. The same problem they had with having players dock in carriers was one of the problem they needed to solve when adding citadels.

You fly solo, how on earth you gonna protect your carrier ? Why do you have 6 of them, too much money? You do realize that flying a carrier alone in low sec is mental right?

I stopped laughing and will now give you some constructive advice.

DO NOT fly a carrier alone again, ever. Stick to smaller ships.

If you insistent on flying in low sec however, let me know and I will send my alt to protect you with his Broadsword. His Warp Disruption Field Generator makes your Carrier immune from attack.


Ill join too, my pilgrim has a big beacon it can light and will repel attackers.


hmm do i reveal the supper carriers most powerful tool or no

Might as well add the ability to tether on a super

no teather

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