Super Space Chickens - New Player Friendly Wormhole Corp

Hi there!

We are Super Space Chickens, a newbro-friendly wormhole corporation, currently looking for prospective new recruits to join our ranks!

We have a number of experienced and active players in the Alliance, and ensure that we are able to teach new bros to ‘learn and earn’ within wormhole space. We encourage our new bros to explore, and advance their skills and earning potential into any avenue they feel is of interest.

+ Omega Account Access (Main account, alts may be alpha.)
+ Minimum 2,000,000 SP (Though your attitude is more important.)
+ Willingness to listen and learn.
+ Willingness to train/skill into our doctrine ships as a priority, where required.
+ Friendly and Respectful.
+ Co-operative and mature mindset.
+ English Speaking Corporation.
+ Security and Background Checks Required

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