New-Pilot friendly wormhole corporation recruiting pilots

Want to try Wormhole life? Are you new to EVE Online? Are you alpha? That’s ok because our corporation [NEW TO DEMONS] offers an awesome J space for PVP and PvE.

Who are we?

  • Wormhole lifers.
  • PVP alliance.
  • Not Red Don’t Shoot.
  • All TZ.

What we do :

  • PVP Fleets.
  • C5 Ratting, 200 Mill Isk \Hour at minimum.
  • WH gas harvesting and WH ore mining.
  • T3 Production.
  • Exploration.


  • +18 yrs.
  • Joining home defense fleets.
  • Weekly in-game activity at a minimum.
  • Voice interview.
  • Mumble & mic.
  • Abiding by CCP EULA, terms of service, and alliance rules.
  • Full API for all characters.

Mail me in-game for more info.

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