Warp Demons - Are you a Demon?

Do ya wanna be?

We are a small tight knit group of dedicated J-Space jockeys looking to expand our ranks, and are currently recruiting those interested regardless of SP or skill level.

New to wormholes?
We can train you.

Don’t think you know enough about EVE?
We can teach you.

If you have the drive and desire to live with us in a challenging, but rewarding, environment then there is a place for you in Warp Demons be you a fledgling newb just out of the career missions or the bitterest of bittervets.

Our focus:
-Small scale PVP
-Wormhole PVP and PVE

If any of this sounds interesting or you want to know more drop by our pub channel The Evocation or contact Vrozuun Sholz / Caharist in-game

What kind of hole and static do you have?

Currently looking as we just left our former HS alliance though we do have our eyes on a c4 with c2/c5 statics.

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Our hole has C3/C5 statics, we’re ready to move in at any time

Bump, still actively recruiting

Bump, our corp still looking for pilots, new and old are welcome we can train you if needed o7

Bump- slowly building our ranks, still looking for more

Bump- Active recruitment still ongoing, come live with us in WH space

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