Super vs carrier ratting

Is super ratting that much more powerfull than carrier ratting to be worth that big of an investment?

right now, yes. super ratting is just stupid broken.

however, you have to keep in mind CCP has an eye on it (cap ratting in general) and they will be doing something about it. as far as what and when, that remains to be seen, could be in the major spring update, could be 2-3 years down the line, so if you are investing from scratch i don’t know if its that worth it, that is up to you.

on the other hand if you already have a capable carrier pilot for pvp or whatever else its not that big of a jump and you might as well get some while you can.

Doesn’t only apply to Super Carriers; Network Sensor Array needs to be nerfed, it’s fine that it gives some increased sensor strength (reducing lock time) but it’s way too OP that they can achieve 2 sec (+/- a few milliseconds) on frigates.

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I believe that makes them so popular for pvp also. You need not have to learn anything and everyone is instant-super man.

Super starting is a lot more profitable. If your focused enough and have right set up you can easily do 100mill ticks.

But obviously the cost difference is huge compared to a carrier. So If you lose one you look silly and have to replace it.

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You can do 150-160 mil ticks in a low tank full gtfo fit nyx a carrier will do about only 60 per tick but it’s less investment and mostly brain dead activity.I carrier rat pressing 3 buttons and that’s it

As usually in eve, it is worth but the gap in investment and risk is much higher than the gap in reward.
Mining : switching from an exhumer to rorqual will multiply per 3 the mining yield and profit. But the cost of fitted ship will raise from 300M to 12B…
Ratting: switching from carrier to super will multiply the ticks per 3 (50M->150M) but the cost/risk will raise from 2B to 25B…
same for pvping: switching from ferox to HACs, etc
So yes it is worth, but it depends on you to know if you wanna take the risk and invest a so huge amount of money. Do you leave in a safe area, with friends ready to jump and defend you if bombers bar tackle you? Do you earn usually 100M per day or 1B? etc
And most of all, do you have FUN doing capital ratting. Because you must have fun, not only earn isks


That’s debatable but also depends on the gear you fit.

Keep in mind, if you want to maximize your safety and minimize your potential of looking stupid on a killboard, you should also have a FAX alt standing by. At a certain point, mining in two rorqs > super ratting with standby fax alt.

A standby fax will only help if you’ve got backup coming. Otherwise you’re just feeding a super and a fax instead of just a super.

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