Super Ratting

Is it worth the extra 70 billion isk or so to move from a Nyx/Hel to a Vendetta for PVE Super ratting will it improve the ticks that much or is the vendetta a PVP Super only?

How about you try it on Sisi and find out?

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wat ?

Sure is!!! Those extra dank 4m-2m more tics will pay themselves back in 5833.3 to 11666.7 hours of ratting. Go For it!!!

ask me!

Don’t listen to those people. Whatever increases your ticks is worth it.
Also the burst web is a very useful tool for farming, as it reduces the speed of rats and players alike by 82%

No its not worth it buy few extra nyxes incase you lose your initial one or invest the isk in rorqual alts and let them mine while you rat

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