Null ratting in 2023

I’m back to game after 5 years. Ratting in nullsec with carriers and supercarriers is still ok, or is any new meta?

Ishtars and Marauders.

Depends where you live in Null and in the Real.

If you go with one of the big blocks with a super umbrella you at least have some level of protection and if your internet is laggy the delay in fighter commands will probably loose you some fighters really fast, after 1 or two the ISK lost in the fighters pretty much writes off the profit of running a super.

Supers are a lot more difficult to replace too, so the old adage of not flying what you cannot afford to loose applies, even if you do have the 60 billion or whatever, if there is not a replacement ready to go off the rack, it’ll take about 2-3 months to build.

Probably the biggest threat to a super are wormholes and filaments, a 25 man trig gang will DPS you down faster than you can say ‘catering to the lowest common denominator’ and ‘instant gratification gameplay’ three times.

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