Caps and Supercaps

Hey, looking inject or buy a cap pilot to get in on those sweet cap killmails. Is it better to look into getting a dread or carrier? Dreads seems to be utilised more, but carriers can rat for a mediocre isk/hour. Only really looking at dread/carrier since everything else is far more expensive and less isk efficient. Thanks in advance.


Get lost.

? Last I heard non super carriers only make around 250 mil an hour in null doing anomalies.

not less than. Mostly 10B / H. Docked and AFK. yes.

I say ‘mediocre’ since you can make more in highsec with more scalability and no need for cyno alts… Does it matter?

Then why troll since you should already know that caps (the one’s you post about), are not allowed in high sec.

I want a cap sitter for PvP in nullsec.

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