C5/C6/Other cap ratting?

Looking to make more money than the current ~300-350mil I can make in highsec. I know that most people use dreads to supercarriers to rat in C5/C6 farming holes so might inject some caps, but don’t know any other methods due to being subcap focused. Are there any other ways to get ‘dank ticks’ outside of wormholes? I’m fine with requiring WH connections to make good money, but how do people go about finding these c6 holes to even rat in? I’ve heard of good isk from 8/10 - 10/10 DED sites, but afaik those are kinda hard to come by. Thanks in advance.

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Good luck, that’s it, the rarity of a drop is something you won’t see unless you go very deep into dull or high level hole, in that case you must sign up with some mega Corps or their pets, otherwise those places are heavily patrolled to keep interlopers out.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of. Joining a corp that has access to c5/c6 and buy a carrier alt to start ratting there for more isk/ hour :slight_smile: That would also leave my main acc open to pvp whenever I feel like it, rather than waiting the 1 day for jump clones to save my implants.

I dont even know where to start, but you have no clue at all.

  1. there are no supercapitals in WHs. (No super, no Titan) You cant build them without Sov and they dont fit in.
  2. You cant really carrier rat in Highclass space. Sleepers will murder your fighters, Avengers will rape your Carrier and with 2,5k DPS you will take forever to kill the Avengers.
  3. You can use a Dread in a WH. It will make about 1b ISK/h, when you are clearing sitess, but there will be alot of time of waiting around. You will also loose your 5b dreads every few days, because people will roll into you. Then you need 2 or 3 more accounts for rolling, scanning, loottruck, etc.

With the lack of knowlege you have, i wouldnt advice you to try it. If you wanna get a feeling for the ratting itself, go on SISI and try to clear the sites with and Dread/Carrier.

PS: I dont think you can jumpclone into WHs

Fair enough, thanks for the info. I’ve seen naglfars in WH so didn’t think when I was talking about carriers in WH. I will message some deep null carrier ratters in-game to see how much they are getting per hour with travel time and anom finding. Continuously hs grinding is getting very tedious, even with the ~300mil per hour. If that doesn’t work out I guess i’ll turn to multibox mining in subcaps.

A good carrier should get about 60m per Tick (180m/h)
Super maybe 300-350m/h
Titan ratting about the same as a super, but less apm
All supercapitals will need another Toon with a in a recon, so you can get a Cyno.

You can make 275m ISK/h with a single character? Then just get a second one and multibox

I just did some napkin math and I average around 330mil an hour doing what I currently am. I injected around 4m sp last week iirc after grinding a lot. Unfortunately it’s a rather niche activity so it doesn’t so much scale with more accounts. On that note though, I do already have an alt being skill trained for that exact thing just to try it out.

330m/h is very good in HS.

In 0.0 i do The “not tryhard” ratting and making 150 to 170m/h
But i mainly buy 10/10 or fly my own.
Takes about 1h (20min flying there and back and 40min The site it self) and thats avg 600m/h with rats and loot.

Edt.: I’m currently in Drone space

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Thanks for the useful info. Could I just ask what you are flying though? Carrier/Super/BS/Dread? 10/10 seems like the way to go, but are they common enough that I can rely on them for long term isk income? Especially with the bookmark changes, i’m not too sure you’re able to buy them anymore

Never mind, I just realised the loot is only around 200mil for the full site and they take around an hour with a battleship so would probably be better off just staying in high sec anyways. Thanks for all the replies though <3

Drone 10/10 is 500mil Loot with bounty about 560. But drone 10/10 is every time The same.

My old region for example has a different Loot Table. 120mil loot fix but you can end up with over 1b Loot with gist x-type x-large shield Booster and machariel bpc.

And yea you can buy them usually for 120mill left over 400plus mill for me in 1h
If i can not buy one i rat in my cap (150 mill/h) and usually Drop 1 or 2 in 2h
If i super Rat it is usually 300mil/h and usually 1 10/10 in 1h

Hmm, 0.5bil sounds pretty damn nice, even with the risk of losing a bling BS. I’ll look into corps around those 10/10 sites a bit more. Thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile:

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