C5 Ratting

Looting for isk/hour/toon estimates on C5 and similar WH ratting income post marauder changes please. Have been lead to believe c5 dread ratting was the best per toon income, but was recently told that farmers have switched to marauders. Thanks in advance.

2 marauders is about 1,3 to 1,5B an hour with 2 toons. 4 marauders should be about 2B /hour.

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Cheers, was given the figure of 900mil per hour for c5 dread ratting (incl. rolling holes and the like), I assume the dualboxing marauder figure of 1.3-1.5bil also includes setup time? Thanks in advance.

Dread ratting in C5 is about 2 to 2,5B /hour with 3. I do not count rolling wormholes. I only krab when I was less than 3 wormholes to roll. Usually, within 10 to 30 minutes, I am done rolling.

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