Supers and Low Security space

With all the discussion about how the game is stagnating, has the mechanics of Supercapitals (Supercarriers and Titans) in lowsec ever been discussed/reconsidered?

Consider that the prohibition on gating supers has been removed for a while, what happens if we disallow supers from using their jump drives in and/or out of lowsec?

An entity can still have their titan in a citadel for subcap bridging, or a group could keep their supers in a system to keep ownership, but at the risk that they might be trapped if unable to jump out to safety (or perhaps they can only jump out to null, but not to low?) This could be similar to carrier/dread/fax in low class wormholes.

From a lore perspective, this could be explained via the need for sov to produce them, thus the need for null to use the jump drive. Of course you can still move supers into/through/out of low via gates.

What are the glaring issues I might be missing, as this is a very rough idea?
Do supers need to be able to jump out from low to null?
Does the lack of access through low completely cut off travel across the cluster?

I could see something like this revitalizing low sec and potentially faction warfare, as well as creating more conflict in sov null if you have to travel through hostiles to get somewhere, or move a vulnerable super fleet gate to gate and open the possibility of a dread bomb.


Block supers from entering low sec.

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That bottle is already open; unless you have a novel consideration towards the existing supers in low sec.

My theory is not about preventing them, but instead limiting mobility via jump drives. Gating them traditionally would allow adequate risk in moving them, as well as a limitation on jumping them out to safety would make them more vulnerable (or at least taxed via asset safety if their doghouse was violently decommissioned).

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