Superrs jumping and fatigue

Hi , i want to be sure if suppers can jump from one system to other by gate ? if they can after this jump will be jump fatigue like by jumping or cyno or cyno generator ? or not ?
Ty for info

All Capital ships can use gates between systems in Lowsec and Null just like any other ship can, they can however not enter Highsec. Jumping via gates does not generate Jump Fatique, only using Jump Drives, Jump Bridges and similar methods does that.

Jump Freighters are the ONLY Capital ship that can enter Highsec. There are a few exceptions to this rule but that is because they’re from way, way, way back in the day and very special rules apply to them, such as they can’t in any way engage in combat with other capsuleers :smile:

thanks for info mate :slight_smile:

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