Hauling LS-->HS Question

If I am in an NPC station in Low Sec (that connects to a HS system) and I undock, align, and warp (to zero) with no problems…And there are 2-6 reds sitting on the HS gate…Is it possible for them to prevent me from jumping?

-Thanks for the help.

The only way to prevent someone from using a stargate is to either keep them far enough away, (bubbles, bumping, etc), or by destroying them before they can jump.

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Are you in a capital class ship? If yes, then the scriotwd point of a Heavy Interdictor will prevent you from using a gate. If in a subcapital, no.

If you are sitting in a capital class ship the game mechanic will prevent you from using a gate to HS.

Orca, freighter, and jump freighter are considered capital ships. I think they would be stopped by a scripted HIC but do know they could jump into hi sec otherwise.

My guess is the OP is not asking about a carrier or dread, but I could be wrong. And yes you are right those capitals can’t enter hi sec at all.

As a general principle the answer is no. However sometimes when you warp to a gate you fall short of the gate and have to slow boat to the gate. If this happens you can be bumped off the gate and killed. Ofc this is situational and rare but not unheard of.

HIC points do not prevent anything that can jump to highsec from jumping a gate


You can be bumped away from gate, this is really only possible with a big ship like freighter with another ship like a battleship sitting directly on where you’re warping in to. The most common tactic is for a BLOPS to sit at the 2k mark cloaked which will bump the freighter once it exits warp

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i can’t say i have ever seen this as no blops is a good fit for it. cloaked macks are used a lot though as they can keep bumping after the first one

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