Hictors are too powerful and spoil my gaming time

I am sure there is a place for them but Hictors can be really annoying. There is an area I often want to get to in null-sec, but the route is consistently camped by the same guy who sits there all day and all night in a Hictor. I don’t mind so much getting blapped, it’s actually worse if I manage to get back to gate and escape:

There is just no way to counter it, even when I know he is there. No module I can fit or tactic I can employ. The gate is effectively closed. That’s OP. As there is no way through, this means I have to just log off or go all the way back. If I want to hop on another toon I also have to wait for the 15min timer before I can log off safely.

I actually enjoy being hunted in null-sec. There are Dictors waiting for me on gates, Combat Recons waiting for me in sigs, combat probes etc etc and that’s all fun. Sometimes they get me sometimes they don’t. But with the Hictors it’s just game over and I may as well just self destruct or let him kill me. It’s not very satisfying to have a ship where when you have already anticipated it’s presence there is still no effective action you can take.

He loses about 1 every couple of months and get 100’s of kills in that time with very little pilot skill and probably semi-afk. That doesn’t seem to me to be in line with the Eve risk/reward principle either.

Perhaps a module that specifically counters Hictor Bubbles or some kind of restriction or other method or tactic that can be employed to counter them. I don’t mind getting killed but I do mind a semi-afk player having such a large impact on my valuable gaming time.

You were caught in a T1 frigate with a 5s align time by the cruiser requiring the most SP to pilot out of all of them. What exactly did you expect to happen differently? Had you run across me in any of my Sensor Boosted HACs, the end result would have been identical.

This is 100% a you problem.

The module you’re looking for is an Interdiction Nullifier. Counters dictor, hictor, and deployable bubbles.

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I appreciate your reply. Unfortunately you are totally wrong (100% you problem):

  1. I don’t know what kill mail you were looking it at but the ship i am usually in has a sub 3 sec align time
  2. I think you will find that the interdiction nullifier does NOT counter hictor bubbles
  3. A HAC with sensor boosters I can counter with fast align time or I can get 1 pulse from mwd, enough to burn back to gate or out of scram range, so no the result would not defo be the same

Align time doesn’t matter as the hictor can bubble up in advance on gate flash (or has eyes). As it has a 100 pt scram bubble there is effectively nothing you can do. This is precisely my point

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There are plenty of options, just to name a few:
-Enlist the aid of friends to deal with it.
-Use your speed to travel out of the bubble.
-Use a shuttle to bypass.
-Use a different route.

My post is about Hictor being OP. You can’t counter that argument my suggesting avoiding it, using a shuttle or killing it with a fleet!

-Use your speed to travel out of the bubble

That’s more reasonable but also precisely what you cannot do, if the bubble is up, you are scrammed as soon as you de-cloak. I considered over sized AB but there are various reason why that would not work either

The more replies I get the more I am convinced it is broken ship :slight_smile:

It’s a balanced ship, you just think it’s OP because you are trying to engage with it in a frigate. To any frigate, a cruiser is going to seem OP, it would be like using a BC against a Dread…you just can’t fight it head on. A HIC is VERY slow, seriously just out range it if you are caught by one. Also, bubbles don’t turn off your micro, their scripted points can though, which means they have one less gun than normal…again, just burn away.

Unless you have sub 2 second align, you can still get caught by a HAC. A HAC also does more damage than a HIC and is faster, so if you can get away from a HAC, you can get also get away from a HIC.

As a frigate, you either are tackle/ewar for a larger fleet or you get away from a cruiser of any variety. In no way is a HIC anymore OP than any other T2 cruiser.

Lol thats not how that works :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to engage it! I just want to escape it lol Try reading the post before commenting.

I didn’t understand the mechanic properly. But the fact remains when the bubble is up you can’t warp, so you have to burn out of it, but the Hictor ALSO has a scripted long range scram (if it has 2 field gens fitted, one with the focused warp scrambling script ). So you burn away and even in a pretty fast ship you will likely get locked up and scrammed before you can escape the bubble (unless the guy is asleep).

So how do you ‘just burn away’ with no prop mod exactly?
How slow a Hictor is going to be pretty irrelevant, it’s still gonna be faster than a ship with no prop mod activated!

In other situations the ship is probably fine (as I said in the very first line of the op) but it’s ability to essentially close a gate to a solo player too small to fight it is broken imo

A Frigate with a normal sized Afterburner is faster than a HIC with a MWD, and is much faster when you overheat.

You aren’t using all the options available to you. You are admitting defeat and crying to CCP to nerf something that’s been fine for years.

Bottom line, overheat your MWD away from the HIC, then overheat your AB once the MWD is turned off. OR just use a shuttle to get past them. OR bring friends to remove the blockade.

So, if hictors were nerfed or removed from the game, that would spoil the other persons game.

Why is your game time more important than his?

ok so now you are saying I should be dual prop?

whatever, that’s just moronic

Yes, you fit for what you expect to happen, why wouldn’t you.

That you expect everyone to bend over backwards and change the game just because the current game play “spoils” your fun, with no consideration as to how any sort of change would effects other peoples experiences? That you’re the only person on this planet and no one else matters?

Yes, you’re right, that is very sophomoric and moronic thinking.

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mate, your an idiot. There is nothing wrong with discussing game mechanics and whether they are good or not, it is precisely what this site is for!. I might indeed be wrong but no one managed to explain why.

I have now belatedly had someone say ‘try a dual prop fit’ but it took them a very very long time to say it :slight_smile:

Well, you should take your own advice and actually read what people have been posting.

Let me simplify it for you.

Hey Devs, Scissors is OP. Please nerf.

EvE is a giant game of Rock Paper Scissors. If you’re sick of Scissors cutting your Paper, perhaps you should consider Rock.

Clear enough?

Well by that logic CCP should just delete this page, scince EVERY SINGLE ONE is suggesting changes to game mechanics!!!
Clear enough?

False equivalency. Offering fits for ships is not the same as changing core gameplay mechanics.

Perhaps you should also learn a bit of logic before going off like a rocket.

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Oh my apologies, I should have not assumed that you knew how basic survival worked. I didn’t think that you had to be told that ABs can’t be turned off with scrams, or that you can fit multiple props on a ship. I should have spoon fed you more instead of giving you agency to figure out how to overcome on your own with general advice, and not specific advice. I should have known…the lack of specifics on your end was very telling /s.

This is a Player Features and Ideas section, usually people here are not newly playing the game and have a grasp on what they are talking about. Maybe try the newbro section next time?

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I think, the OP would benefit from the Frigate Handbook.

It has a lot of good information about pvp, the rock paper scissors nature of eve. How to counter what with what.

But I think he just wants an easy “I win” button.