Will gate guns defend me in 0.4

I accidentally bought something in 0.4 and I have to pick it up, will gate guns be able to fend off attackers from my 500k ehp freighter?

Nope. LS freighter = dead freighter.

If someone attacks you illegally, then yes, the gate guns (and station guns) will engage the attacker in lowsec.

But no, it is unlikely to fend off any attacker but the weakest and most unprepared. Most people camping gates or even roaming in lowsec will be prepared to deal with the gate guns.

The only time I would take a freighter into lowsec would be if it was a quiet system and local was empty as confirmed by a scout. Even then you are taking a risk with slow align time of a freighter so a webber would be mandatory.

The safest way to get it now would be to contract to a courier who will likely use a jump freighter to move it to highsec, but if you really wanted to try to move it, fit a T1 hauler with WCS/cargo expanders, use a scout and wait for a quiet time to move the goods.

Or you could try to resell it.


Ok, thanks.

I managed to do it with T1 hauler, took me like 8 runs, but it was safer this way.


Absolutely. Glad you succeed.

(I passed the potential option to succeed on my previous post because you were not likely to be prepared to what you may have to face to, so I prefered to say a big No)

A lot of losec systems are unoccupied for a good part of the day - go in in a pod (or have a friend go in) and sit in a station for a while, see what’s happening there and when. Don’t forget Dotlan and zkillboard for general intelligence on the system, too.

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No, they will not. I usually travel there by pod and get a free rookie-ship for the way back. If cargospace is not sufficient you have a problem, but you can always use the pod or a rookie-ship to investigate first what is behind the gate. You could also try a transport ship with a cloaking-device. I have planetary installations in 0.4 space and regularly fetch stuff there with a cloaked Impel.

If I spotted your freighter in low sec and I was in a frigate, I wouldn’t engage you as gate guns would instablap me. Instead I would follow you around to see where you were headed while pinging everyone I knew in the area for a loot piñata.

If I were in a cruiser or up I would take my chances and tackle you, and see if I could hold you under gate gun fire long enough for backup to arrive and/or for me to kill you. A well fit T1 cruiser can tank gate guns for about half a minute, which is long enough for someone to show up to take over tackle.

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