Capital ship

hello i have a question.

I resumed the game at a little time. I would like to know the mechanics of the stargate in low sec and 0.0. because I saw that for the capitals he can pass them now? so carier and super carier can and titan not?

thank you to enlighten me

A titan can go everywhere except wormhole space and highsec.
So yes a titan can go from 0.0 to 0.1

my question was more about using the stargates to go from one solar system to another without using the hyperspacial jumps

yes works

so the HEL can use the stargate?

Capital ships can use stargates, but you usually don’t want to do that.

It’s a lot safer, faster and more convenient to use your jump drive to jump to a cynosural field.

Just to be clear: if you are asking because you want to buy a capital ship and intend to gate instead of jump it around, you will likely lose it because of that.


As Gerard says, you need to learn far, far more about how EVE works first or you will die very quickly and horribly if you fly a capital in lowsec.

Caps are stinker dinkers without backup, you will most definitely find out how fast one can be destroyed if you fly alone and especially gate to gate.

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