Supreme Galactic (EU) PvX Corp Looking For New Members

We’re a new all-round corporation focused on making good friends to play with through all avenues that Eve Online has to offer. Currently recruiting easy-going capsuleers interested in the various activities of this supreme galaxy

  • Allround corp exploring all avenues.
    (Mining | Missionrunning | Exploration | Abyssal | PvP)
  • High & Lowsec HQ
  • Alpha & Omega Friendly
  • IRL > Eve | Relaxed and Family Friendly
  • EU Timezone
  • Planned weekly activities


Our Goals:
It’s important to have something to work towards as a team, something that keeps a buzz going and people at the keyboards, so my suggestions would be as follows…

Short term

  • Grow some more; with more medium to high SP pilots it would open up more doors for us to go through on all fronts.
  • Teach our newbros about Eve and get them set on a path they like in-game.
  • Establish a leadership team that will drive our activity.
  • Establish a weekly scheduel for fleets.

Long term

  • Create or Join an Alliance that has a mindset that runs parallel to ours.
  • “Own” our neighbourhood, not Nullsec style, but dominate local and maybe begin to absorb our neighbours into our corp./alliance/blues.
  • Do short low-risk wardecs to demolish structures, either for ransom or loot profit.
  • Industry wing goals (idk atm).
  • Figure out how the corporation is going to make ISK, for buyback, SRP and hand-out fleets.

Look us up ingame!


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