I launch eve, click on take survey in the character slection screen it takes me to a screen where I keep java off by defualt, so I click enable java for this page hit refresh and:

You’ve already completed the survey…

No I have not.

Yeah I got literally the same issue.
Have scripts disabled by defaults, clicked on the site, activated scripts so it reloaded and I got prompted the same screen. Guess there go my 7 days of Omega.

Honestly baffled that the system only permits you “one take”.
Imagine losing internet for a second or so.

I am on my mac. There is a banner on the launcher for the survey. I click. It takes me to the eve website. I read to the bottom. I click link to complete survey. It opens launcher. I click the banner. I read the website and click link to survey. It opens the launcher. I click the banner. It opens the website. I click the link…
Back to launcher. back to website. Back to launcher. Back to website. Back to launcher.
Launcher . Website. Launcher website.
I am banned for DDOS attack…

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