Switching to Linux, what do I do now with Eve?


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(but I only have one character in Eve)

Thanks. I suppose I’d better give a try then, before I finish transferring stuff over from 17.3. Although the multi-screen comment is a little disturbing.

check their issues in github I think there’s some there w.r.t. multi screen

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You can run on linux and not get banned, really though the linux launcher is buggy as all get out. Install wine, set to win10 emulation, and download the windows launcher, works fine.

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Wine won’t be on my machine any time soon.

Just wondering why I should support companies that don’t support me (officially)

My Windows machines are now banished, gone, pfft. The last one standing, just dropped.

Good timing actually since my omega sub expired at the same time a distro new release came out that I was waiting on.

I will however look to dabble with their API on Linux (and hopefully platform agnostic)

Your are a piece of work. Why should a company throw money into a solution that potentially loses money?
I’d be willing to bet CCP would like to support Linux, and if it looked like supporting linux brought in enough players to justify the costs of supporting that platform they would absolutely do it.

unwillingness at throwing money goes both ways

Nobody is making you play EVE.

CCP makes a game, if you like to play that game play it. If you don’t then don’t.

If you want to play it on native Linux, find enough friends with Linux to tell CCP they would play if officially supported. Enough that CCP can justify the cost and I’d bet you will get your support.

The real problem is they don’t “officially” support it even on Wine yet Mac is supported

How many Mac players are there vs Linux and Windows?

Obviously I have no idea. I’m sure CCP does. And I would guess “enough to justify a mac client”

Going by that chart for the 3 desktop OS’s

Windows- 76%
MacOS- 16%
Linux- 2%

That isn’t Eve players chart w.r.t platforms

I just don’t see why I should pay any more to be told to use the rear entrance because I am not wearing the right clothes or to be told to sit at the back of a bus segregated just because I am using Linux.

That is my general view of companies that don’t “officially” support Linux

My money is not good enough, ok fine.

Many gaming companies seem happy to take my money but quick to tell me to piss off if anything goes wrong or if they throw a wobbler by their business plans and take a dislike to paying Linux gamers.

Gaming as a service, great news, one can always stop paying for said service (along with their inservice milk shop)

No it isn’t. But it is indicative of the potential pool of EVE players by platform which is very very small.

You voluntarily chose the least popular desktop OS, by a long shot and then expect people to expend resources, likely at a loss, just to support it?

You are either incredibly entitled, or a competent troll. Either way this going around in circles is fun for a few posts but then it gets boring.

No problem, I am very entitled to not spend any more money

I was going to look at developing a fresh EveMon for Linux but feck it. You’re not worth it. You probably wouldn’t even donate anyway if I did release an app, and more of a freeloader and you call me entitled? I sure am entitled when I am spending money. Money that helps keep the game running that you play too.

Those player number charts are still in decline. Time to move on.

Nice job bro, you now made a potential app developer walk on past (and lost another paying customer, and less in shop purchases on top of it and ingame content providing)

When I spend money, I sure am entitled to the same service.

If we’re tiny, ok, stop accepting money from Linux and Mac users. They won’t be doing that will they now, nope. Happy to take our money.

So stop accepting connections from Linux and Mac users, we’re tiny, won’t miss us. Nope, won’t happen will it. Nice money isn’t it.

Go spend it elsewhere then, I’m not sure even being paid to listen to you moaning would be worth it…


Might keep my app closed source and put a block on your character in it, since you seem to be not using Linux anyway (but it will be cross platform) :smug: you can pay a donation to unblock it :slight_smile: then you can feel entitled :slight_smile:

I currently use Linux Mint 17, haven’t used Windows for well over decade. I don’t use random apps from strangers anyway, far too much scope for unwanted additions (especially when the source is closed)…

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unwanted additions? you mean like systemd, those timers that connect to the internet to download your firmware periodically, the snooping dump uploader for the kernel, the NTP time polling to canonical servers every 32 seconds. ok then (and I am not joking, Mint actually is pretty chatty on the network with unwanted additions), and not a pip of disclosure out of the box on that.

check /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf (might want to relax the polling intervals and also use the public pools), this pretty much lights you up like a beacon to Canonical (also potentially possible to skew your clock so we control your time)
check systemctrl list-timers (look for fwupd, you can run this manually if you wish using fwupdmgr, a machine doing firmware updates on it’s own is not to my liking, imagine getting it to push out bad firmware?)
check for kerneloops daemon (I love reading unscrubbed logs and dumps for info, good way to get juicy internal info, not every app sanitises their logging, amazing what info one can find in there from a bad app)

do you even know what your machine is doing under the hood? Don’t worry Mint isn’t maintained by a “stranger”, neither is Ubuntu, nor Debian… nor systemd, nor the servers they connect to, don’t worry you’ve read all their code (and built it locally) and know them well along with whatever they do with the info collected

Simply put - I’d trust the Mint maintainers far more than I’d trust an App produced by you…

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Good job, but Mint maintainers didn’t write the stuff, still signalling your computer to Canonical?

I take it you wrote your own Operating System in its entirety then ? along with the code for your Router, no doubt ?