Switching to Linux, what do I do now with Eve?

Obviously both.
There have been problems ranging from minor annoyances to to permanent damage and they have been ongoing for quite some time.

Yup; I remember the days of breaking CRT monitors with bad X11 settings or breaking HDD’s with bad ranges on Linux/Unix

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You know that can be said for ALL PCs right?

If ya can’t fix it with a hammer, buy another brand

Or buy a bigger hammer…


Now you come to mention it, no - I’ll check next time I switch to that system, and let you know.

OP been playing eve on linux for many years on and off. Never had a ban, never had an issue.

never had an issue… yet

And a mere month later he responds… :blush: You were right to query it, it’s actually 19.3.

well, 20 is out now, warts and all (and don’t expect a smooth multi screen set up)

Is 20 a long-term release ?


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(but I only have one character in Eve)

Thanks. I suppose I’d better give a try then, before I finish transferring stuff over from 17.3. Although the multi-screen comment is a little disturbing.

check their issues in github I think there’s some there w.r.t. multi screen

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You can run on linux and not get banned, really though the linux launcher is buggy as all get out. Install wine, set to win10 emulation, and download the windows launcher, works fine.

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Wine won’t be on my machine any time soon.

Just wondering why I should support companies that don’t support me (officially)

My Windows machines are now banished, gone, pfft. The last one standing, just dropped.

Good timing actually since my omega sub expired at the same time a distro new release came out that I was waiting on.

I will however look to dabble with their API on Linux (and hopefully platform agnostic)

Your are a piece of work. Why should a company throw money into a solution that potentially loses money?
I’d be willing to bet CCP would like to support Linux, and if it looked like supporting linux brought in enough players to justify the costs of supporting that platform they would absolutely do it.

unwillingness at throwing money goes both ways

Nobody is making you play EVE.

CCP makes a game, if you like to play that game play it. If you don’t then don’t.

If you want to play it on native Linux, find enough friends with Linux to tell CCP they would play if officially supported. Enough that CCP can justify the cost and I’d bet you will get your support.