Vanguard EAC Request

With the advent of Vanguard, I’m extremely excited for the future of EvE, like many others. I think this is a great way to expand the universe, validate sub costs, provide value for players and increase the amount of community interactions. This is the first year I’ve paid for a year’s sub outright, and I’m not in the least regretful of that after fanfest.

That said, I do have one concern about the viability of Vanguard for me personally. I’m a linux gamer, and anti-cheat software has traditionally not been fun to work with/around.

Yes, I understand EvE is not officially supporting any linux distros. They also haven’t straight up banned us from playing, though, so what I’m requesting is a continuation of that treatment. Easy Anti-Cheat, the software CCP has announced will be deployed with Vanguard, has a client module that allows it to run on Linux.

It’s not a terribly complex or resource-intensive process:

Please, please ship Vanguard with this functionality.

I understand full, official support for linux is not going to be in the cards; that’s alright. Linux is not currently a sizable portion of the playerbase. Economics are king.

Eve is, however, a sizable portion of my videogame portfolio. It’s the only game I currently play regularly. If CCP continues to introduce content to my subscription that I can’t access, it devalues my sub. Not being able to use what I pay for is something that bothers me, and the likelihood that I’ll continue playing (and paying for) E:O will drop if Vanguard anticheat blocks out my PC simply because CCP wouldn’t ship it with an extra client module.

So, for purely selfish reasons, I’m requesting again – please ship Vanguard with EAC-linux compatibility from day one!


Even Star Citizen has made this “effort” with EAC

Yes, in another view. Also halted my Vanguard install from installing monitoring software.
Adding some 3rd party to the install package that wants admin to ok isn’t so ok.


Same here. I am on POP OS Linux since 2019. EAC Support for Vanguard would be great. It’s easy to enable for Developers in Steams Proton.

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Very much +1 for this, it’s not much effort but a lot of convenience for the linux playerbase.

There is a lot of discussion/information about it on the discord in the “Linux thread-here be dragons” thread in the launcher-beta channel.

It is not looking bad for Vanguard on Linux eventually, but it might not happen for First Strike.

+1 the new launcher works with a bit of fiddling, vanguard also seems to work, but an match cannot be played because game somehow doesn’t detect the eac support thats included in ge-proton.

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The updated launcher is able to launch Vanguard just fine, but I can confirm that you get kicked out after a few minutes because of EAC failure. Would love for this to be fixed.

From what we can see in the EAC log is that EAC actually seems to work, but it gets a timeout because it can not properly authenticate the EAC. Let’s hope that CCP is willing to put in the work to flip the relevant switches for EAC soon.

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CCP, give us some Linux love please. :kissing_heart:


Plus one. I gave my feedback on all other aspects of Vanguard I could get my hands on – apart from the EAC bits, it runs perfectly if you follow CCP Stroopwafel’s instructions here to get the beta launcher – but I’d really love to see more than a minute at a time. A little bit of trivial enablement work will have us all included.

Well there is a survey for Vanguard First Strike participants, “please let me enjoy the game on Linux for more than a minute before getting kicked by EAC” sounds like good feedback to put in there.

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I would love to play on Linux.

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Now that Vanguard is in another round of testing, has anyone been able to get in? I’m getting an anticheat error before being able to enter the battlefield. Menus and such seem to work fine otherwise.

Online play has stopped for the following reason(s).

Anti-cheat client protection not active (NullClient)
Your connection to the host has been lost.

Same. Get that message on the menu, if you ignore it and join anyway you can get into the game for about a minute before it kicks you.

Reupped my Omega just for this, what a waste of money. Come on CCP.


Maybe activate the eac

On our side of things EAC has been enabled. We’re just waiting on CCP to click the button that allows linux clients through EAC.