Updated System Requirements - Discontinue Windows 7 and 8 Support

On December 7th, 2023, we will discontinue support for Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

After support is discontinued players will be unable to launch EVE Online if they are using these operating systems. The minimum requirements for EVE Online will be updated to reflect the change, indicating that Windows 10 and later will be supported.

Microsoft discontinued Windows 7 support in January 2020 and Windows 8 support in January 2023.

Our continued support of these operating systems has now significantly impacted the team’s ability to maintain and develop new feature sets. By discontinuing support, we have the opportunity to unlock further security features in the launcher and give us more flexibility to choose external solutions as we develop EVE and its foundations further.

Players needing to transition from Windows 7 and 8 may find this Microsoft page useful.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to message these changes via the launchers, discord, targeted emails to affected users and via news articles.



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Have you actually checked the numbers? is there a way to assess how many EVE players you are about to boot out?


They will not be missed on their ancient potato PCs/laptops. :joy: :joy:

EVE Online will march forward to glory in the next era of technology. If you are using windows 7/8 when we are at windows 11 and almost windows 12 in a few more years, I don’t know what to say to you retro gamers.

BYE :joy:


Dumb response. We need all the players we can get at this stage, alienating those who prefer older windows systems is retarded. I still have at least 2 windows 7 pcs that work fine and i prefer over the invasive windows 10 / 11 systems.


Waiting for all the retro gamers to somehow defend using old tech.

CCP doesn’t see the value of these people and the cost is simply too high in dev hours. Simple as that really.

Less platforms to maintain = easier to develop game. I know that for sure.


At least you all can still install the original installer and just watch the beauty of a launcher and spinning logo :slight_smile:
It’s really too bad CCP shut down EVE Anywhere, that would have solved this issue for the people that are sticking to older OS’



As much as I understand the need to move away from supporting older operating systems (because it can’t be done indefinitely anyway, at some point it becomes an indisputable need), the temporal correlation with Microsoft’s recent decision is…unfortunate.

Microsoft on 20.09.2023 finally closed the possibility of a free upgrade of Windows 7/8 to version 10/11.

Thus, CCP’s decision to end support for Windows 7/8 and thus block the possibility of playing EVE Online in December for owners of this system looks like an immediate disposal of the hassle of supporting older systems - which, despite their years, did not cause problems with the game.

I’m guessing that the resellers of Windows 10 keys at suspiciously low prices on some shady looking websites will be very happy about this turn of events.


I currently play Eve on a relatively old computer and it runs Windows 7.

Although I understand the need to move forward, I think CCP could have given us a bit more notice.

I was planning to buy a new computer and install Windows 10 on it, but not until next year.

As a result of this announcement, I’m now forced to reconsider my options.

Why could we not have been given more notice or more time, so to allow players like myself to more easily make the transition?


How much time do you need

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Well, not everyone, especially at the moment has the money straight away to go out and buy a new computer …

Yes, I suppose I could upgrade this system, but if I was planning to buy a new computer next year, it would be a waste of time and money.


Goodbye EVE.


I’m still bitter about losing OS/2 support.


I flatly refuse to ‘upgrade’ from 7. That’s how serious I am about not being spied on or having advert popups.
Steam can kiss my ass, and so can this game.
Just not doing it.


Is it possible to play EVE on Linux? Is it complicated to set it up? :thinking:

edit: “natively”

The dumbest thing for some people about the update from 7/8 straight to Windows 10 is that if you’re having i7 processor… It’s not supported by Windorws 10 and hence you can’t upgrade.

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Natively no.

There is a subsection for Linux here

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You click install on Steam and press the play button.

It’s the same launcher, it will create a steam connected account, but you can just ignore that and add all the others if you otherwise don’t use steam.

Outside of Steam there is Lutris, which is basically a Tool that does all the tricky stuff to get games running.

Just give it a try. I played EVE on Linux for over a decade, since Trinity. I never actually played it on Windows (Since my last Windows was 98se)


yes and no … you should not us such old operating systems anyways