Synthetic Sale Price Crash

Hey, I have been market trading a little while now and keep seeing something strange.

It looks like people are purposely crashing prices on items with big spreads.

I was just trading an Implant today. 117m buy price, 187m sell price, 70m profit (before tax). Then someone dropped in a oddly even sell order at exactly 170m. Orders pile on top at the new price and then someone puts in another massive drop at 150m. Another really even price that stands out. People panic and the price drops to 135m in a second.

It’s not the first time I have seen this and it made me think. Is this someone syntheticly dropping the sale price. I mean there is now a 53m difference in sale price.

It’s really annoying when an items I was making money on suddenly drops like that.

Is this just normal market behaviour or is something going on?

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I also saw it on several items on the market, may be two options :

  • Someone realy don’t like price growing up and would like a more safer market place.

  • CCP do some market regulation

I just realised. When it happens again I can just buy them out. Stop the price from crashing and then still resell it for a profit.

Not much I can do when it happens with the buy price though.