Syrikos hounds and the Zaibatsu

(Valerie Valate) #22

Yes, yes, we know, the Angel Cartel members all have pet goats, rather than carnivorous pets.

(Arrendis) #23

Really? That’s actually quite amazing, given the normal effects of extensive inbreeding on mental stability.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #24

As demonstrated by the Noble houses and their slaver breeders.

(Arrendis) #25

Well, yes, but the insanity caused by inbreeding among the Heirs isn’t the fault of the Hounds!

(Mizhara Del'thul) #26

I mean, given the rabid yappin’, at the very least they’re rolemodels even if it might not be entirely their fault.

(Slayer Liberator) #27

Well, with the definition of wet, 99% of the time you’re talking about water it is wet, if it’s only one molecule of water then it’s not.

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(Teinyhr) #28

Wetness is a sensation you use to describe what water feels like. Water itself isn’t wet. Pedantry hoooooo!

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(Loai Qerl) #29

Selecting for what in a slaver hound would be an unusual placidity of temperament, yes, that is inbreeding for calmness. I know, it doesn’t often work very well. And when one is also selecting simultaneously for other unusual traits…it is a gamble! Always. Poor things.

Unfortunately it seems to be an accidentally endemic result that breeding for placidity results in very stupid little animals. It affects how much they can be trained at all, even with the best techniques. But the big ones, there isn’t that issue! They are very smart. People who do not responsibly train their full-size hounds have no excuse when it leads to unwanted behavior.

(Utari Onzo) #30

It worked out fine in the end. Meo continues to reside at the estate, working faithfully as a member of the security detail and my personal protection hound during trips. He’s also finally fathered several pups after we managed to work out the kinks with the breeding programme. Still doesn’t get on with the twins though.

He’s kept busy, given a lot of love and a massive dose of respect, and even has a certain SFRIM illumni as his personal caretaker when my duties keep me away from him. You can visit him at the kennels when he’s not on shift duty, you know.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #31

Just stick a ■■■■■■■ tcmc in the Syrikos Hound and slave it to your oseocrin bonded control lace.

Bam, your own personal hunter/killer unit.

Nothing like getting to watch it rip out some fuckers throat out with your own eyes.