Rescue Slaver Hounds!

I’ve done a host of missions where part of the loot includes Slaver Hounds. Realizing these dogs have only done what they are trained to do, rescuing them from their life of torment is the only humane thing to do.

To that end, I put a couple of hounds in each of my ships (so they can play with each other while I’m piloting) and feel that they give me good luck during my exploits. They’re great companions and give you another incentive to fly safe.

So I implore all capsuleers to give these poor, misguided dogs a good home and let them go for a ride whenever you undock.


I agree, Slaver Hounds are greatly misrepresented. They’re extremely loyal to their owners and very protective as well.

In fact I have a couple of them guarding my assets in station. Best security system in New Eden.


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Exotic Dancer, Female works better tho with an exception of amarrian ships that cannot get to their full potential without Pax Amarria in cargo.

Also things to note: living organisms that are put in cargo is probably cryofrozen in some container so your dogs can only play with each other in the long cold dream.

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