Why aren't there any Non Combat Pets

With the Plex for Good: Turkey and Syria, it brought back memories of another game that sold non combat pets in their store and sometimes had the income donated to charity.
So i wondered, why don’t we have any non combat pets in EvE?
I would love to see a drone flying around the ship, they could come in unlimited shapes and sizes and could have all sorts of animations.
Another tab on the EvE store is waiting to be opened.
Now i know that this can’t all be wished into being and needs development time, so could CCP give us a Plex Sale, to give us at least an incentive to help the cause through EvE, instead of transferring the money straight to organizations that help the cause?


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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They are called “Alts” in this game and you can have your main orbited by as many Omega Pets as you like. Armed or not. You can even purchase them with PLEX, as you wish it.

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