Growing and fighting pets like Fedo or Slaver Hound

Where to get:

  • in the holds of unused ships

  • on the surface of planets, in WH and anomalies

When the first pet appears, a quest is taken explaining what to do with it.


  • special container (for plex, lol), with a chance of being caught.

  • battles at stations or when ships meet in space,the loser gives his pet

  • food - frosen corps or passengers, various substances for different abilities.

  • pet characteristics like pilots, implants and boosters are suitable.

  • pilots have separate skills for pets

  • you can breed new breeds by crossing

  • daily workouts

  • infusion and transfusion of skill points

  • pet excrement for drug production

  • smart pets as pilots of mining or utility ships, station defenders

  • saboteur pets for stations and ships

  • an army of saboteurs pets can take over the station if there are no defender pets

  • the pet can run away and spoil the goods in the hold

  • the pilot can eat a pet to increase the characteristics in battle

  • pet farms on planets and in special station modules

  • pet skins, where can we go without them :slight_smile:

The process of the battle between pets cannot be described, for sure there are people who know the existing games better and will prompt the system that best suits the Eve.
Sorry for my English.

And let the pets help our ships in battle as a weapon system, where some ships can use bigger and more pets than others. And then there’s capital ships that can use clusters of pets called ‘fighters’ for the ultimate pet battles!

But seriously, I’d like some drone skins. :grin:

Fedo are cattle, raised for feasting upon.

They are not pets, and any such thought to elevate them with such dignity should be struck down immediately.


DISCLAIMER: This reply is 3/4 roleplaying, but I still stand in opposition to adding mini-games.

“involuntary servitude”. gladiator fights for entertainment, prostitution, drugs - fine…DOGFIGHTING!? - nope, no thank you.

EVE pets… gotta catch 'em all… or buy for PLEX? :thinking:

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