The Terrifying League of Dog Fort [DOGFT]

The Terrifying League of Dog Fort is recruiting experienced pilots to join in our misadventures into sov nullsec. We currently live in Vale of the Silent, an area ripe with pvp of all scales. Join us in our in-game channel “The Dog Fort” or scroll down and send a recruiter an Evemail.

What Dog Fort Offers

We are a sov null pvp corporation and part of the alliance Freight Train Diplomacy based in Vale of the Silent. A group of pvp focused veteran pilots with seasoned FCs looking to have fun in EVE. Our fleets range anywhere from nano to mid-sized, flying all ships from frigates to capitals.

Dog Fort, at its core, is a social gaming community that extends beyond just EVE Online. We value community relationships more than anything else. We enjoy hanging out on comms, playing a range of other games, and of course, playing EVE. Dog Fort is primarily a USTZ corporation, although we have people who play in all time zones, and recruit players from all time zones.

If you would like to listen to Cainun talk out his ass for an hour about Dog Fort, check out his spot on Talking in Stations.

What we are looking for

Dog Fort is recruiting experienced pilots who want to enjoy sov null with us. We require you have two Omega accounts, one of which must be able to fly a properly fit dread within 30 days of joining, and hacs.

If you are a new pilot and you want to join in on the fun, please consider giving Bandit Baking Club [BAKE.] a look. Bandit Baking Club is a new pilot-oriented corporation in the Freight Train Diplomacy alliance that would love to help you learn and thrive in sov null. If this sounds like you, please head over to their in-game channel “BAKE Recruitment.”

Fun guys to fly against, good dudes!

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DOGFT is still recruiting cool dudes to fly with.

Still looking for somewhat cool dudes to join!

After my last two posts, we managed to recruit all the cool dudes - now looking for mediocre people to join.


We have the best emoji pack on our discord.