PVP Dogs In WH Space Seeks New Mutts for the Dogpile

Dog Soldier Collective is a group of highly skilled WH pvp players who are in need of new membership during this lull in EvE activity. We are stable, skilled, and have access to advanced isk making opportunities like C4/C5 ratting, 3D gas huffing, sites, so forth. You will also be paid for scanning out systems and get first pick of loot for finding targets. 15 million SP minimal and a desire to close with and destroy the enemy, a must. If you have no PVP experience, that is fine. We love to train you and will take that KB from zero to hero. No judgement here.

We live with our alliance in a home hole, so activity and other members to play with is never an issue. We are based in the USTZ but have a significant Euro faction. Daily fleets, activities, and isk farming. Our culture in Dog Soldiers is all about respect and honesty. If you are interested, join this discord and request ANY Dog Solider [DOGSC] : Eschelon Directive

Zkill: Dog Soldier Collective | Corporation | zKillboard

Recruitment Video: Dog Soldier Collective Introduction - YouTube

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