Dog Soldier Collective - WH PVP small gang/fleet excellence

DOGSC is a two year old, WH based PVP group operating primarily out of Thera. DOGSC’s CEO has 13+ years experience in EvE and a combined 30+ years experience among other leadership. We scan, hunt chains and kill what we find. We are a small gang group with large and midsized fleet experience. Allies and friends offer us consistent content and we fly with groups in LS, Null, and J space on a regular basis. Want to gatecamp? We got you. Small gang in Tama with established, experienced PVP groups? It is done. Want to run evictions and mid sized fleet battles in J space? That is available as well. Just want to do some PVE or huff gas in your down time between fights? We are your hookup.

Other benefits include:
Ship replacement program
Paid to Scan
Daily Fleets
First pick of loot on kills you find

Here at DOGSC we have one other significant aspect for your consideration: Honesty and Respect is at the core of our organization. H&R for one another is vital. Leadership is transparent and trusting of their line members.

Standards: 10 million sp minimal, a desire to PVP, and relatively regular activity from the line member
What we PREFER, but do NOT require: WH scanning experience, PVP experience, 20 mil + sp.

ESI check will be required for all alts and mains.
Dog Soldier Collective | Corporation | zKillboard

Reach us here. Join and request any Dog Soldier. Eschelon Directive


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