DoG SoldierZ new low sec corp looking for members for all tz

DoG SoldierZ is a new pvp corporation that is part of the alliance Darwinism with a primary focus in all things PvP. The corp currently resides in khanid low sec. Corp is looking for people who love to have fun as a group and pvp. And also help our individual pilots learn and grow with goals to work towards.

What we require:
*18+ Years of age
*Working microphone
*Chill attitude
*if new - willingness to learn!

join our discord if you are interested, DoG SoldierZ

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I approve of this message.

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Flew with these guys back when they were in Valkyrie. Very experienced corp.

Check them put if looking for Low Sec / FW corp. You’ll be sure to learn a lot.

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solid bunch

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still recruiting

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