Become a Dog Soldier

We are a small, but growing WH PVP group looking for experienced PVP pilots. We don’t require or ask for a lot, simply 5 million minimal skill points. You don’t have to have WH experience, we will teach you. Our home is a pulsar, so if you fly shields, that’s a bonus. If you Join the Dog Soldier Collective, you will be working alongside an existing industry operations corp. We will have access to and be able to participate in all industry ops from gas harvesting to mining and PI with that corp. This is so you can make extra isk.

Other things we offer:
*Ship Replacement Program
*Solid, fun community
*Regular roams and raids into Null, Low and other WHs
*Merc ops where we fight the battles of other players for isk
*Plenty of isk making opportunities

What we Expect:
*Knowledge or a willingness to learn and listen
*A friendly attitude
*Desire and love for PVP

We hope to hear from you soon.

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