[DOGSC] Is taking new pilots in Thera

Dog Soldier Collective is a medium sized, USTZ based, growing WH PVP Corp currently operating out of Thera. While we are primarily USTZ, we have 2 EU players, fly witb EU based corps and wish to grow our EUTZ.

A large variety PVP content is available for the taking through our Corp, allies, and friends. Isk farming is readily available so you don’t have to leave poor. There is a focus on small gang to medium sized fleet content utilizing primarily BC sized platforms and below.

We have developed a culture of honesty, respect and loyalty for one another. If you can’t show these basic levels or human respect, we can’t use you. We want a welcoming and warm environment for our players while we create a very hostile environment for others. :grinning:

Minimum requirements to join:
15m sp minimal
pvp experience of some kind (small gang, null fleet, we don’t care, but some experience)
WH experience preferred but not required
At least Semi regular activity
Play and fight with the rest of the Unit

Other things we offer:
Get paid to scan
PVE fleets
Gas huffing
Daily fleets
Merc contracts

Fly with us, get rich, have fun, get green on that KB.

Check out our KB here:Dog Soldier Collective | Corporation | zKillboard

To contact us, join this discord and post in the Puppy Puddle: The Dogpile

Thera! I love it. I just learned how to use the Eve Scout book mark things.

KaBump! Lest I forget. Sounds interesting.


Reee, Reeee, Reee…


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