The Terrifying League of Dog Fort [DOGFT] is Recruiting

Dog Fort is opening the doors to public recruitment. We are looking for some new members to join our community and have fun playing EVE Online.

Dog Fort at its core is a social gaming community that extends beyond just EVE Online. Most of our members have been here for years, and the longevity of our friendships is core to the community. As such we are more concerned with how you fit in rather than anything else. Dog Fort is primarily a USTZ corporation, and we also have a strong contingent of AUTZ players. We are currently based in Delve as a member of Goonswarm Federation. Recruits will have access to all the isk making opportunities that come with being part of Goons.

A few things we are looking for in a potential recruit:

  • Experience: One of your pilots must have 20 million skill points. Have some general knowledge and time playing the game. You don’t have to know everything, but being able to stumble your way around EVE is required. We also have a number of experienced players who can help you out.

  • Two Omega Accounts: Many things we do are done better with two accounts. This also tells us that you are invested in EVE.

  • 250 kills: We are a PVP corporation, and we want to know that you are actively out doing something. We don’t care about your killboard stats, just that you are active.

  • Mic/voice comms: We want to be able to chat with you, hang out, and have fun. We can’t do that as well if we can’t actually talk with you.

If you do not meet these requirements but would like to join anyway, just contact a recruiter. You can also join our in game channel: The Dog Fort.

Find us on zkillboard:


Mintaki (US)
Anal Anchovies (US)
Brodog827 (AU)

HR Director: Gir Mabata (US)

Dog Fort is looking for fun people to do fun things. You can reach out to us in game or right here on the forums!

Stop by our public channel in game: The Dog Fort. Or just reach out to a recruiter, we only bite a little.

Come on by The Dog Fort.

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