The Dog House

We are recruiting active pilots for null sec. We are part of an alliance with many players from all over the world. We are looking for active players. There is always something to do so you will never get bored.

Basic Requirements:

  • Mumble and Discord
  • Train into the doctrines
  • Full ESI/API check

What we offer:

  • Regular fleets in all sizes, from small gangs to big strat-ops
  • Training
  • Mining ops
  • Mining and Industry infrastructure

SRP for Alliance strat-ops and CTA’s, a certain amount of fleet participation will be required.

Join our ingame channel The Dawg House to speak to a recruiter.

We are still recruiting.

still recruiting come join us!

still recruiting

recuitment on going feel free to PM me in game

Come join us in “The Dawg House”

havin a ball small crew but growing :slight_smile:

still recruiting

we are still recruiting and growing

Come and Join The Dog House ( Drama free ) Corp

Awesome Corp/Bunch of People.
Always willing to help each other, we have a laugh but also have to remember the serious side of eve when needed.
We help each other to achieve goals. noone is ever left out.
If you need to know anything or need help with anything there is always someone in the Corp that will have the answers for you.
Old Farts Welcome too…
( then I won’t be the Only One :rofl: )

joined recently, friendly corp and a good alliance. been a while since i was in large fleets but now they are every day in order to pew init so lots to do.

Great people !! , Great Corp !! , Great alliance !! , Great coalition !! ,Great space !!, Great PVP !!, Great PVE !!,Great mining !! , Great industry Hubs !!
We have every thing you need

Alliance Buy back scheme make selling your product easier

Hi ya guys keeping it up–bu-bu-bump!!!

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if you love PVP we have plenty for you to do

The Dog House is a Proud member of the Great … Lord Of Worlds Alliance.

also looking for experience fc’s and learner fc’s to help take the Dog House to the next level! , come join the fun!

PVP fleets from small gang roams to Large Capital Fleets

Come join the fun