Ingame virtual pets

Can we have an ingame virtual pet (or collection of pets), like a Tamagotchi (See Tamagotchi - Wikipedia)?

You could also sell them in the NES store.

cool but what do they do? just waste ur isk feeding them? can u force them to work for you?

Pet things.

Buying and petting them is optional.

It could even be a miniture of your character.


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what is fedo

We’ve already got pets.

Grab a fedo, stripper or corpse, put it in your ship inventory and play with it while in space.

I mean real animated behavioural pets.

Hmm, how about an animated version of the slaver hound I keep in my hanger to eat thieves and trespassers. I could watch while it devoured them instead of ship spinning.

I thought drones were our pets.

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interesting… how do u obtain them? what if I reprocess them?

All can be found on the open market. As for what happens if you reprocess them, I have no idea. Why don’t you reprocess some and tell us what you get.

This is a random tangent, but apparently there was recently a F2P tamagotchi-style game that was pressuring kids to spend cash to keep their pets from dying. lol

Anyway, pets would have meshed well with Walking in Stations. As it stands now, however, I’d be seriously surprised if CCP does anything like that. I know some players would love that sort of thing, but the player base at large would be screaming that CCP wasting dev resources on things that nobody asked for or wants. Hell, I bet the reception would be worse than the Doctor Who crossover.

Parental locks / limits on any spending.

Eve already requires parental approval on account creation. See terms

We already have them.

They are called drones.

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how about throwing a fedo and a drone in a vat and seeing what comes out?

Like a virtual space kitten?

Yep. I seem to remember zooming in on a gecko once and it looked like it had a pilot.

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