Freeing my slaves

If there’s already a mechanic for this, i’m unaware of it after searching for it, and i apologize for bringing this up.

I’d like some way to do a bit of RP around the Slaves that I capture from mission sites and whatnot… specifically i wan to free them, maybe at a minmatar staion? in a manner similar to an LP store? maybe they turn into Freed Slaves?

There have been calls for personnel type swapping before, such as delivering folk to universities in exchange for scientists or military institutions for crew.

The General Object Directory known as the database knows all, but I doubt CCP will finesse these important to role-player details any time soon.

They suffer from their own tyranny of control in my opinion. If they opened up dialog texts to modification wild and wondrous creativity would happen. Which is good in moderation, but god knows you can’t have power and give it away at the same time. CCP is a slave to the system.

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Pretty sure dragging them from your cargo into space still works.


When an inside agent working under ARC was depositing Marines in Pochven onto planetside to help efforts against the Triglavians, I captured such and what we did was find those on the other side willing to take said marines/captives (or in your case, slaves) and do an exchange or simply pass them over. So IG you could try find someone from the Minmatar side of RP thigns who’d be willing.

We had our Kybernaut fleet dispatched to meet the opposition fleet and our diplmat fly across the line to theirs and deposit into cargo into space and the exchanging diplo to take them, could do something similar perhaps?

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Wait you are spacing them???

“Freeing” I’m “freeing” them.

Jettison them into the sun…

I wish CCP was doing thing like this instead of new skins, new fireworks VFX and new apparel, but it is what it is…

i remember that! i have a vague memory of blowing up a badger or something in harva… i cant be bothered to dig up the killmail right now tho :joy:

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Fair enough lol, but well, can do somethign similar in terms of the outcome with trading em back to another party ^-^

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I hardly ever toss anything out. Stuff CCP gave me yrs ago, I still have simply because eve is a long term game. (or used to be at least) Things I did not want to try at the time, but it was nice to have reserves when I did want to try it.

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As far as I am aware, the best a role-player can hope for; is that a GM takes the time to examine a statement made in the Intergalactic Summit against what actually occurs on the database and notes it in internal documents for the authors of the story-arc to reference.
Hope that satisfies.

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i kinda figured as such. I’ve already started that discussion here: Manumission of Slaves

my suggestion a\long those lines was ‘reprocessing’ similar to ores. fee paid slaves reprocess to freed or tourists or whatever.

yes, in the name of rp it should be reversible
yes, when serving as csm i asked for this
yes i did point out that it might look bad if game press started pointing out that ccp gameplayed the dark skinned race was the slaves of the game.


yes, i can play dirty

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Technically we’re all slaves to Pend Insurance, or whoever it is that “hands out” corvettes.


Also, if you are suggesting that we should have option to turn slaves into freed slaves or whatever. Then there also should be a reverse option to enslave tourists, marines, scientists etc. into slaves. And there also should be a way to level up the normal slaves into elite slaves (perhaps portion or marines/soldier to be converted into them)!

This toon started as a slave trader initially and I am thinking of returning to that profession soon, so this I would like. Could buy militants in Jita and transport them into some Amarr lowsec to turn them into slaves and then transport them to npc stations which buys slaves.

It would be also nice if there were “random npc buy order events” where some station anywhere in EVE would demand scientists or marines for example and obviously paid well for them. Just a small incentive to fly around space, maybe roleplay and have fun.

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