Changes to Slaves

Hello all,
I am the CEO of the Bestslave™ Minmatar Livestock Corporation and I make my humble space living buying and selling Minmatar chatel to fellow Amarrians. Or at least I did until I logged on today.

To my horror, a number of changes seem to have been made at my expense simply to put honest entrepreneurs like myself out of business in New Eden.

Firstly - a number of my slaves have ceased to exist. My child slaves are now called “little helpers”, and there seem to be none seeded on the market. In fact in all of Amarr there is exactly one of each (male and female) both at an exorbitant price that no Minmatar could possibly be worth. I also have “tourists” and “janitors” where my matari inventory should be.

Secondly, I tried to close a deal with a valued customer today and inexplicably the contract was blocked. The mechanic by which my entire purpose in New Eden hinges has been removed - I can no longer create contracts for “contraband”. Given that slavery is not only legal in empire space but also fundamental part of my culture as an Amarrian, how is it that slaves are “contraband” and no longer permitted in my contracts?

I will assume that this is a bug and I demand that the situation is rectified immediately.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


CCP is stepping on the middle man, whos job it is to step on the little man

On the other hand, now that he has a bunch of little helpers, he can literally do that.

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“Get woke - go broke”. Wisdom in the form of a rhyme.


How else am I going to RP as an Amarrian noble with slave chattel?

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Kyle Saltz asking the important questions.

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You guys do realize that ‘child slave’ has never existed in this game and contraband has never been contractable, and that this is largely a meme post, right?

Ya’ll got woke baited.

Was some good bait though

I think I was actually remembering incorrectly re: the little helper thing. But you definitely could contract slaves. So this is still a bug literally ruining my game.

It’s been at the absolute very least six years now of them not being contractable, given their contraband status, and in all likelihood a lot longer than that. Not a bug.

It hasn’t been 6 months, I have contracted them this year. That is literally all this character was created for.

Are you entirely sure you weren’t trading the ‘Freed Slaves’ item which isn’t contraband?

Entirely sure. The only thing I’ve done with freed slaves is jettison them. Is there a way for me to go back many months in logs to provide proof that I traded slaves that were not but now are contraband? If so I will do that if it helps convince you.

Just got confirmation from others, the Slave item has been contraband and uncontractable for well over half a decade now. You’re either misremembering what item you’re trading in or how you’ve been doing it. It can be direct traded between characters, or using corp hangars and so on, but haven’t been contractable for at least six or seven years, probably a lot longer.

This has been a pain in my backside since early 2010s as a Minnie doing ‘freeing slaves’ runs for a long long time.

As someone who plays the game as a Minmatar, you play the game wrong. But I am sure that I was able to trade this item before. Maybe it was a direct trade, rather than a contract? I think you might have solved my problem, but this is still an unforgivable bug imo.

You have answered your own question. It was a direct trade rather than a contract. The game does not allow you to contract items that at least one faction deems contraband.

It took me 30 seconds to find a 13 year old post that mentions this fact, so you certainly did not do it 6 months ago.

Something that’s been working as intended for as long as the game has been going is not a bug. You just want something that isn’t and wasn’t ever real. Sorry.

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Just want to chime in and say

  • Child Slaves were never an in-game item, and as such weren’t renamed to “Little Helpers” (which are their own, unrelated item)
  • There was never a point where you could contract contraband
  • Slaves were always considered contraband

Hope that solves your query!


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