No! you got it all wrong!

I liberated some slaves in Amarr system on one of the various L-whatever missions I was running and they needed a place to stay so I put them up in my station with, you know, the other cargo containers. I did a big select all and move when I moved my stuff to a Minmatar system and I got lit up by a customs officer!

Can’t we give the jobs on our PI systems or something?

Contraband Confiscation
From: Minmatar Republic
Sent: 2023.12.13 03:16

Empire: Minmatar Republic
Solar System: Abudban
System Security Level: 0.7

Found Contraband:

Slaves, Qty: 24
Standing Penalty: 0.50
Fine: 180,000.00 ISK
Response: Confiscation

Total Standing Penalties (ideally): 0.50
Total Standing Penalties (actual): 0.10
Total Fines: 180,000.00 ISK
Summary Response: Confiscation



I kept on meaning to fly out some exotic dancers so any Amarr looters get some proper loot. Some on the hardcore “amarr victor” rp bit really need the gift of exotic dancers.

Used to be my thing back in the day. ammo, fuel for jumo in case a jb was bone dry…and exotics dancers.

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Yeah, would be nice if there was a positive standing reward for handing them over to Sisters Of Eve.

Unfortunately some items in the game have a legality tab marking it as contraband. It will contain a list of penalties and area’s where it’s not allowed.

You just have to remember to ‘Show Info’ on various items before loading into your cargo hold and traveling.


At least you didn’t space them…

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You, sir, are my hero of at least the month.

As an Amarrian it has always seemed a total and intolerable waste to me and my kin, to confine valuable and perfectly capable live cargo to station containers, especially when they start mingling with the exotic dancers or start breeding fedos as pets.

CCPlease, this is without any doubt the best idea anyone, and all praise to @Conrad_Makbure, has posted here in ages: slaves should work just like the rest of us, instead of loitering and partying in our homes, and being unpleasantly useless. The other day I caught one bunkering up with an exotic dancer and a militant in a secure cargo container. Fortunately their password was weak and I was able to break in and put all three trespassers back in their proper places, after making them clean up the mess they had made.

The Empress, may She live forever, would undoubtedly be reconnaissant, in Her Eternal Wisdom, if you were to remedy this for Her and Her subjects. The Amarrian Empire has its standards to uphold.

CSM ? Duty calls !



So true as of now it appears that 24 more Minmatar Citizens were saved!

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