I saw a lot of slave,exotic dancer, marrines,…on the market but I have no Idea what their use for the game? Do mission runner use them? And what for?
And if I transport slave from amarr to Jita will I make profit?
If I want to do that what kind of vessel should I use?

You will be fined and slaves taken from you.

If you transport slaves through Gallente or Minmatar space, Customs will have some words with you.

You might make money on inter-region trade, but I’m no expert in livestock trade (or any trade really).

Aside from that, tourists, scientists, miners, exotic dancers, whisky, etc. are all good immersion items to carry in your cargo.

I often carry a miner in my cargo when I’m out solo pvping. You never know, he might just change professions.

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The stupidest thing I encountered in game was when I jumped into Minmatar space, with some slaves I rescued from amarr space, and I jettisoned the slaves outside on the gate “freeing them”, and Minmatar officials blowed them up. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Please tell me this is not just a funny joke, and there is an actual “miner figure” item out there … : D

If I have 3+ warp stablizer and warping fast enough can I smuggle them in?


In before being removed from the game because contraversial.

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yes but you can be fined and/or tank your faction standing this way.
fines are easy enough to mitigate but faction standing isnt and the only good way to deal with it is running missions and a handfull of skills to meke it a little les soul destroying
D.M.C.'s “the plan” is something you should have a glance at before you decide to go screwing with faction police and customs agents

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Nah my security stat already low so I’m ready for getting my ass chased around lel
But about the fined, is there a way to smuggle them in?

How did I not know that?

The possibilities! WOW!

You can avoid gates with custom officers around them. You need a scout checking both sides of the gate you want to pass through. There is no guarantee you can reach your destination without getting caught, but the possibility exists. As far as I know are they not fixed spawns.

Remember to check your overview settings.

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Security status can be easily unfucked with tags,
Faction standing not so much, it’ll require you grinding heaps of tedious unrewarding missions.

Definitely not worth it over novelty items likeslaves

And yet we have all sorts of drugs in the game which we know, in the real world, fuels and causes prostitution. :roll_eyes:

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