The Freeing of Minmatar Slaves

So, as a Caldari loyalist on loan to the 24th Crusade, will there be anything I can do to prevent this attempted upheaval of the established order as part of the upcoming event?

There is probably an answer to this somewhere already but I haven’t actually used forums in years…


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Steal the loot from anyone who runs the site and destroy them if they attack you.

There should be a counter event where you capture and deliver slaves to their new owners.

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Or keep for your own use. xD


@Dyver_Phycad But I want the agency rewards… or something. I’m not a pirate, I think of myself as more of a privateer.

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Helping slavers is like being slaver yourself! You should be ashamed of yourself! Only redemption for you is to help free the slaves now.

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Conan Exiles has slaves and the world didn’t burn. Every game needs to have slaves I can exploit and control.

Shoot the haulers filled with slaves?To my knowledge the minmatar republic will do the cattle transport while capsuleers secure the area.

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Privateer’s are basically independent contractors.

If you want Event rewards, go do some of the sites, there’s no standings incurred for running them.

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