Stop forced participation in human trafficking

This game is awesome, and I really enjoy playing it. However, in 2022, it seems really tone deaf to have Male Exotic Dancers marked as Livestock with the only available options as selling them (participating in human trafficking), leaving them in your inventory (imprisonment), jettison (murder), or Trash It (murder).

I recognize these are the options for all items in the game, but in light of the heightened awareness around human rights, I think it would be entirely reasonable to add a “set free” option for human/animal types. It could be a rename of the Trash It button or a new one.

If you add this feature, I would not only set free the humans under my care, but I would purchase humans off the market just to set them free. This could also be wrapped into the lore between interplanetary species.

This is the kind of very low effort and high impact feature that project managers dream of.

Please allow us to stand for human rights in Tranquility.


I have asked for this, more than once, from ccp, as recently as a week or two ago. Suggested that it be like reprocessing, put in hanger, rt click, free.



People have been treated like cattle and enslaved since the dawn of time.

Hiding it doesnt make it go away.

The amarr still have what, 1.5billion minnie slaves?

Should amarr lore be re-written since it’s the current year?


did you ask for some hookers to go with those x-rated holoreels?

Set Free → Jettison?

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I did not say hide it, just offer a route ‘out’ in game terms



Huh. Someone also didn’t play No Russian amirite?

Personally, I enjoy jet canning them out near the sun :smiley:

Wait, someone found MALE exotic dancers? I can only find female ones, which don’t interest me that much…

I usually just put them in the food processing plants, a little extra protein instead of Syntha-Meat.

If that makes you smile is it a Soylent Grin?




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Maybe reprocess them for tritanium?

Also what about female dancers?

CCP should rework the capital construction changes to include these dancers in the building cost. Who even wants a nyx without a stripper pole…

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If the Empress, the Holders, and the Theology Council are fine with it, I see no problem. Amarr victor.

I request we can load them as ammo into fireworks launchers and shoot them into planets or make them deployable via PI as pioneers/settlers.

In fact, I believe the next EVE crossover event should be with OF. Let us bring the real exotic dancers in!

Ship skins! Station skins!

Back in the beginning well maybe 2006 us minmatar would fly to Amarr and attack NPC convoys looking for slaves and bring them back to the minmatar border to set them free , you couldn’t take slave’s into minmatar space because you would get a security hit and loses the slaves , it would have been nice to get some game recognition for that . PIE and loyalist Amarr would try to stop us and take the slaves back .

Most of this was player driven but I’m sure ccp could put something in game for this type of thing , its content and that’s what we need .

Maybe same mechanics as clone soldier tags but for all stuff like exotic dancers, slaves even -10 ganker corpses, we could make our own fun and content like a sand box should be . In game terms it can’t be hard to implement I’m sure.


This is eve online, nobody gets any human rights


I like this idea… Or maybe some kind of mechanic, maybe lp or certain faction statinding, for “freeing slaves”?

But, in the name of “fair play” there would then need to be the same options of “slave hunters”. Perhaps similar to that [Githany Red] mentioned. Could be an interesting mechanic… though controversial, granted. That’s EvE though lol.


yo Amarr so cool :sunglasses:

what about capsuleer rights