Systems Defense Initiative [SYSDI] Looking for new members!

We are a currently small PVE/PVP corp in Amarr space, looking to add new members. Currently, we have 2 citadels in hisec, and are planning to move to 1 citadel to nulsec, then to wormhole systems. Our station in hi-sec is only 6 jumps from a major trade hub. We have some experienced pilots currently, and are always willing to accept players new to Eve. We are willing to help in training. In addition, we try to do all apsects possible in Eve. This includes doing ratting, industry, planetary interaction, mining, and fleet roams. Once we have enough players, we also plan on doing incursions, and pirate sites.

*Tripwire to locate sites, and for mapping worholes
*Logistics using tripwire
*Fleet roams with experienced players
*Training for new and experienced members
*Frigates can be provided for fleet roams, based on merit/learning
*Assistance with missions, to build standings, and access to level 4 missions
*Mining fleets
*Discord for fleet and/or corp chats

If you are interested, Please add our public channel “SYSDI Public” or send an email in-game to Guardsman769, Johan Force, Dennis Kion, and Webbee Ojiichan.

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