T2 BPO Kyoko Mart

Claymore Sold

Wolf Sold
Vagabond Sold

Bumping to reset Lock timer.

pricecheck for the Cheetah bpo ?
evemail me the price if you want.

what’s a price of raptor BPO


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new inventory

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To the TOP!

Whats your best offer on 3x Curse bpo’s?

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You’re selling 3 curse BPOs?

What other BPOs do you have?

I’d offer 200bil each for all 3

Can also trade if you interested in other t2 bpos.

Eve mail me i can offer for one curse bpo

sorry I wrote it to a non jo thread

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^^ Great offer @Mr_LaboratoryRat

I’m interested but have enough curse BPOs at this point to not pay uber high prices.

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