Tactical Intelligence Team

Introverted much ?
Want to play without interaction ?
You will have to send in game mail now and then and or reply to or send in game messages but that’s about it, you never have to talk to anyone…we don’t want you to be social really. It’s all about gathering intel and reporting it to one person in game.

Time zone does not matter we encourage all time zones.

For years we have been around, however due to the conflict in Ukraine , Natural disasters in the US and abroad we have decided to just create a corporation instead of being unbranded We lost a lot of players due to infrastructures being destroyed or wars impacting our core members. So here we are officially recruiting. Many of you have already been involved with us over the years and already know what we do. Feel free to join the rest of your infamous introverts in an official capacity.

Email me in game for more details on our fuggery we do for other entities.

Email me in game for more details!

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