Taipan's Fury - AUTZ PvP Nullsec Corp

We are a PvP centric corp with a primary focus on content in autz. As part of the Horde Alliance we can offer great SRP, Alliance deployments, corp activities and plenty of PvE space in nullsec to generate isk.

Our corp culture is centered on helping uplift everyone to achieve their Eve goals, no matter what they may be. Our leadership has experience in every major form of nullsec combat and are looking forward to having new brothers and sisters in arms to pass our knowledge onto.

We have a fantastic core membership but are looking to you to join our corp and continue our growth.

We are an ESI gated corp in order to protect both our community and you.

  • Primary focus on PvP in Autz, corp roams, alliance fleets, blops and more.

  • Friendly close knit corp culture with a focus on helping everyone become better at Eve

  • Access to some of the best nullsec space in Eve for isk generation

  • Corp and Alliance level SRP

  • Experienced and Active corp leadership

If you’re interested in getting involved, join the ingame channel ‘Taipan Recruitment’ or just join our discord and say hello: https://discord.gg/tGnmV8J


Still looking for New Taipans to join us

Bumpity Bumpo!



To the top!

Still looking for keen Autz recruits.


Come Join us AUTZ :muscle:

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