Taipan's Fury - AUTZ PvP+Social Nullsec Corp

Taipan’s Fury is a PvP corp with a primary focus on content in AUTZ.

As part of the Horde Alliance, we offer great content and competitive SRP at both the corp and alliance level. We involve ourselves in Alliance deployments and corp activities, and have access to plenty of PvE space in nullsec. Joining Taipan affords you access to some of the best nullsec space in Eve for isk generation.

Taipan’s Fury offers the benefit of experienced corp leadership. We are dedicated to and passionate about helping our corp members grow as players and gain the skills and confidence to shine as leaders within the alliance. We encourage our members to step up and offer their ideas and experience, and assert themselves as leaders within our close community.

Above all else, Taipan’s Fury is a social corp. Becoming a valued part of the corp culture is what Taipan is all about. This corp culture is centered on enjoying Eve together, building friendships, and being a welcoming and open community.

We have a fantastic core membership, but we are looking to you to continue our growth. If you’re interested in getting involved, join our discord and say hello: https://discord.gg/bUfEryvmUr

Still snake hunting :snake:




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